ZAK SALLY Fear Of Song LP NN009


LP incl. shipping

Zak Sally is a Twin Cities-based musician, publisher and comic artist. After 12 years with minimalist rock bandLow, Zak left. Planting roots in Minneapolis, Zak began focusing on cartooning, and also established a small-press publishing concern, La Mano 21. Although Zak initially planned to abandon recording, he polished off a well-received Sub Pop 45 (Why We Hide b/w When I Said I Missed You I Just Meant My Aim Was Off). This delightful, full-length LP follows. Zak was involved in EVERY aspect of creating this LP, not only performing all the music contained within, but also designing the cover, laying it out for printing, making the plates, printing the damn thing on his OWN PRESS, trimming, folding, and finally inserting and sleeving the records. Limited numbered edition of 340 vinyl copies.