SPIDER JOHN KOERNER – Some American Folk Songs Like They Used To LP NN019


LP incl. shipping

After moving to Denmark in 1972 and abandoning music for a spell, the legendary Spider John Koerner returned to the U.S. in 1974 to record an LP for Dave Ray’s Sweet Jane label. The resulting record is one of the finest of his 50+ year career. As its title implies, the album displays a conscious move away from the folk blues stylings of earlier recordings and towards an embracement of traditional American folk music. The enduring quality of its songs is evidenced by their continued inclusion on Koerner’s set lists over 40 years later. This is our fourth release by Koerner on Nero’s Nep- tune. Available in a limited artist’s edition of 300 numbered copies, the record is mastered from remarkably well-preserved first generation reel-to- reel tapes. The lacquers were cut by Ralph Karston at Atma-sphere, and the LP pressed at RTI. There is no digital technology used anywhere in the process. Not only is the sound better than on the original 1974 release, but . the beautiful, hand printed covers feature new and improved artwork from a woodblock designed by Nero’s Neptune art director and recording artist Paul Metzger.