MICHAEL YONKERS W/THE BLIND SHAKE – Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons LP (silk-screened cover) NN002

nerosneptune2 (last copies)

LP incl. shipping

Michael Yonkers‘ splattering, maniacal guitar shards and impassioned vocals ride atop The Blind Shake‘s driving riffs and scalpel-sharp rhythm section to create a 21st century high-water mark for both forces. It’s hard to believe that music this tight, cohesive and utterly essential was borne not long after a chance nightclub encounter between an oddball, 60-something musical genius and a much younger, precociously talented rock band but, as they say, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Cover art by Zak Sally (Low) w/ gorgeous silk screens by Aesthetic Apparatus.  Long out-of-print, a few saved for mail order.  RTI pressing.
Track Listing:
A1. Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons
A2. Can It Be
A3. Inbetween
A4. Why Don’t
A5. Point Ahead
A6. Don’t I Get
A7. Mega Folly
B1. This One Again
B2. Here’s What I’m
B3. What’s A Comin’
B4. Don’t Even Try
B5. I Ask You Now
B6. When Will We
B7. Down To A