HASIL ADKINS ‎- Evening Shadow Road LP NN018


LP incl. shipping

Near the end of his life, Hasil Adkins met artist Amy Krueger. They fell in love. Hasil wrote a bunch of songs for Amy, and recorded them at home in West Virginia. He sent them to Amy. Amy promised him that they would get released someday. It took a while after Hasil’s death before Amy felt emotionally equipped to deal with the project but here, at last, is the album. You’ll find Hasil at his wildest here (Got A Girl In Minnesota, Play Pretty), of course, but there is also Hasil at his most soulful and tender (the title song, Endlessly), like you have never heard him before. You think you know Hasil Adkins, but you might be wrong. Includes a 24 page full color illustrated book by Amy Krueger. Old school ‘tip on’ cover.”